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Shine Supply is a younger, but quickly growing, company in the detailing industry - founded in 1993 by Jeremy Stevens. At the core of the company is the desire to produce American made, top end products, stay close to their roots, and ensure that the people using their products are passionate about performing high end detailing and getting top-notch results. You won't find Shine Supply products in large detail shops or dealership detail departments, but instead, in homegrown, smaller, and VERY passionate shops that care way more about quality over quantity. To be associated with a company and family of detailers that has very similar beliefs to how I run my business is truly a blessing. I absolutely love these products, and when your car is meticulously cared for using solely Shine Supply, the difference is outstanding.

Another newer company, Gtechniq was founded in 2001, but has increasingly become a leader in the paint protection and ceramic coatings. Gtechniq's Smart Surface Science utilizes nanotechnology that creates protective and enhancing products for all surfaces of your vehicle that. Nano-scale products are extremely tough and durable - easily able to stand up to the extreme climates that Central Oregon can dish out.  Their line of ceramic coatings are honestly top notch products and after testing and researching multiples brands over the years, Gtechniq has hands down, the best stuff I've ever trie. I am excited to be able to partner with such an innovative and ever improving company that allows me to offer protection options that stand up to the test of time and that I can whole-heartedly stand behind. 

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Clay Treatment/Decontamination

First introduced in the 90's, clay bars are fast becoming one of the most used tools by detailers and auto enthusiasts alike; new "clay" towels, sponges, and buffing pads have been introduced that provide even better results. This is a safe, chemical-free way to remove stubborn contamination (those little bumps you feel on your car even after you've washed or waxed it) along with paint overspray that has bonded to the paint's surface. It creates an amazingly smooth and clean finish, which prepares the paint for any ensuing polishing and waxing.


Polishing and compounding with a Dual Action Polisher helps to bring the depth and color back to the finish of your car before putting a sealant on it. More aggressive polishes and compounds also have the ability to remove swirl marks and even small to medium scratches in the paint .

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Rinseless or waterless Wash

New products have been introduced in the last few years that have made it possible to wash cars using limited to no water. With high-lubricating properties, dirt can be washed off of a vehicle in an extremely safe way without the need for running water. This is an excellent option when water is not available or when detailing at a location that does not allow for traditional washing methods. 

Dual-Action orbital Polisher

A hand operated polishing machine designed for compounding, polishing, and waxing cars. It is safe on your car's finish and virtually impossible to damage the surface in any way. With that said, it can provide amazing results and when used with the right products, and in the right hands, can bring back the finish to a neglected paint job or help to make car shine better than it ever has. I use a wide range of these tools including Rupes, Porter Cable, Griots, and Meguiars polishers. 

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Three-Bucket Wash System

When washing a car, a lot of dirt from the car is transferred into the wash mitt.  When using two buckets, there is a separate bucket to rinse the wash mitt before it is put back into the soapy water, and therefore the dirt is not left in wash mitt, which keeps it from creating small scratches in the surface of the vehicle. A third bucket is set aside solely for cleaning wheels and tires to ensure dirt from them never comes in contact with painted surfaces. 


When cleaning your engine compartment, I use cleaners, degreasers, wet towels, and blowers to clean grease and dirt out from under your hood. After an extremely detailing cleaning and drying, a conditioning agent is applied to reach an almost new look while also helping keep rubber and plastics from cracking. An excellent option when putting a car up for sale.

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Interior Steam Cleaning 

Carpeted areas of the interior are scrubbed using designated cleaners and a vapor steam cleaner with steam heated to over 300 degrees. This process breaks down any dirt and eliminates almost all stains and odors; it also kills any bacteria that might be in the carpets. After the carpet has been cleaned, an odor eliminator is applied to help to remove any lingering odors left behind in the carpet and upholstery. 


This is done using the clay treatment described above.  It is much more of an extensive and time consuming task than that of a regular clay treatment, but when done correctly, can completely remove all overspray from the finish of a car as well as windows, wheels, and trim at a fraction of the cost of having the car repainted.