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Dynamic Detailing is excited to partner up with what I think is the best auto detailing supply company on the market and offer Shine Supply products directly to residents in Central Oregon. These products are top shelf, amazingly productive, legit in every way, and raved about in detailing circles. And to make things better they're all made in the USA and family-owned by an incredible individual and detailer himself. Still a newer name in the market, but one that is exponentially growing, I am extremely proud to not only use their products on every car that comes through my shop, but now also carry them on location for my customers.

While I won't carry absolutely every product they make, I do have their core maintenance products to keep your ride in top shape in-between full details and may be able to special order something for you if I don't currently stock it. If you've never tried their stuff, give them a shot and I'll guarantee that you'll be hooked - that's what happened to me - they're that good! I can't ship anything, but I'd love to meet you, so you'll have to swing by and check out the collection if you're interested in giving the products a shot. 



This pH neutral shampoo includes the finest blend of surfactants to quickly and gently clean your car. This soap is the absolute definition of pure as it contains no silicone, waxes, polymers, or any other additives. Shift is perfect for washing vehicles protected with ceramic coatings or matte paint. Regardless your ceramic coating brand, you can be sure that Shift will meet your expectations and preserve the life of your coating. 



Accelerate the performance of your ceramic coating with Throttle detail spray. This exclusive wax-free, anti-static formula will help keep your vehicle clean while promoting the hydrophobic properties of your ceramic coating. Throttle contains premium raw materials that deliver a crisp, slick surface. Use after every wash for maximum results. Works excellent on matte paint jobs too - leaves the finish looking untouched with a factory sheen.



Water-based silica spray that will maintain and extend the life of your existing ceramic coating. Apply to any exterior surface of your vehicle to provide protection, amazing gloss and excellent hydrophobic properties. This unique non-streaking formula is very easy to use and will definitely impress you with its performance. Clutch is NOT a detail spray. It's a light form of ceramic coating. 

Eco Shine.jpg

Eco Shine

Save time; save water! Eco Shine is a rinseless and waterless wash solution. With Eco Shine, you can remove dust and grime from your vehicles paint in the matter of seconds! It is loaded with innovative emulsifiers and lubricants that loosen and lift debris off of your paint quickly and safely. Eco Shine is also full of advanced polymers that leave your vehicle looking super glossy and fresh after each use. 

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Shine Soap

If you want to wash your vehicle while enhancing your existing layer of protection, then Shine Soap is for you! This pH balanced formula works perfectly with any wax or sealant. It extends the life of the existing layer of protection rather than taking away from the protection like some cheaper soaps. It’s formulated with advanced polymers that keep your vehicle’s paint protected and looking its best at all times.

Cool Guy.jpg

Cool Guy

When it comes to cleaning power and results, its untouchable! Cool Guy’s acid free, pH balanced formula literally dissolves brake dust and grime buildup on contact. It doesn’t just clean the top surface of your wheels though, it actually penetrates deep into the paint and metals to remove the iron deposits that aren’t even visible to the human eye.

Wise Guy.jpg

Wise Guy

Designed to make cleaning even the dirtiest tires as effortless as possible. In a matter of seconds, you can easily strip stubborn stuck-on oils and debris from your tires leaving them clean and ready to be dressed. Proper cleansing of your tires is just as crucial as your paint and wheels. Works amazing on fender wells and rubber floor mats too!

Decked Out.jpg

Decked Out

Whether you prefer a high gloss or satin finish, Decked Out is a concentrated water-based dressing aimed at giving your tires the look of perfection. Once they've soaked it in, they will be dry to the touch and non-greasy. No more worries of "flinging" dressing down the side of your car after conditioning your tires. All of the shine and color is locked into the rubber, not just sitting on top.

Ride Shine.png

Ride Shine

It has never been easier to add a deep lustrous shine to your ride! Give all surfaces a wipe down and you'll instantly fall in love with Ride Shine. It contains a true carnauba wax aimed at rejuvenating the existing protection and reintroducing that freshly waxed look. “Easy-wipe” formula will give you a streak free finish every time; even in direct sunlight! Use it on matte paint, vinyl wraps and clear bras to keep it protected and looking its best!

Banana Shine.jpg

Banana Shine

A thin, liquid wax formulated with premium grade carnauba wax and a durable resin. Most thin liquid waxes wash off your vehicle during your next wash but Banana Shine is formulated with a durable resin which extends the life of the wax. Use as often as you want to keep your ride looking dripping wet. Easy on, Easy off! Won't leave any nasty powder and you can use it in direct sun light! Creates an amazing, deep shine. 

Wet Detailer.jpg

Wet Detailer

Quick and easy process: 

1) Wash vehicle
2) Rinse with water
3) Spray Wet Detailer on paint surface or drying towel
4) Dry the car
5) Done. Your vehicles paint is now PROTECTED. 

Adds amazing gloss and dries transparent; safe for all exterior surfaces; works excellent as a refresher to your existing coat of sealant;  saves time while drying the vehicle faster

Trim Shine.jpg

Trim Shine

Trim done right. Trim Shine is an innovative trim gel that will make dressing your trim a breeze! Unlike cheap and tacky dressings that only mask the neglected surface, it actually addresses the issue and properly rejuvenates surfaces. You are actually bringing back the health of the plastic by conditioning it instead of just adding a shiny layer of goop. Whether your trim is black, gray, or tan, you can restore its natural rich color in the matter of minutes.



Solution is an advanced multi-purpose cleanser that will clean anything it touches. Its pH balanced formula delivers safe and effective results on nearly any surface. Solution can do this because it works by emulsification. This means that instead of “burning” off grime, which is ineffective and unsafe, it actually “loosens” the soiled area ensuring successful results. Solution is safe and effective on almost every surface of your vehicle!

Bug Off.jpg

Bug Off

Don't get bugged! Removing bugs and insect debris doesn’t have to be a pain. Easily remove bugs and insects from your paint, glass, aluminum, chrome, plastics, and vinyl. In the matter of seconds, Bug Off takes a grueling task and makes easy work of it. You literally watch the bugs and insect debris begin to dissolve on contact. Once properly treated, all those pesky remains will wipe away with ease.

Vanilla Bean.jpg

Vanilla Bean

Everyone loves Vanilla! Deodorize those bad odors and enjoy the refreshing scent of Vanilla Bean. With just a few sprays, you be in love with your interiors new smell. Mist Vanilla Bean on your carpet and upholstery to get a long lasting, pleasant scent. An added benefit of Vanilla Bean is you can add it to your carpet cleaner or spot remover to make your cleansing products smell fantastic too!

Clean N Shine.jpg

Clean 'N Shine

Make your interior look new again! Clean N’ Shine is your one-step solution to cleaning and renewing your interior. Mild cleaning agents will safely remove grime and build up with ease. At the same time, conditioners are penetrating deep into the surface to restore that rich satin finish. Protection from UV blockers are added that also double as anti-static agents to help dust from sticking to interior surfaces. 

Leather Cleaner.jpg

Leather Cleaner

Clean your leather without drying it out - the right way! Leather Cleaner is a ready to use, pH- balanced cleaner that will safely remove dirt and grime from even the most delicate leather. This unique, non-toxic formula will leave your leather fully prepped and ready to be conditioned. Use Leather Cleaner on any leather, vinyl or plastic surfaces. You can also use leather cleaner as a one-step complete interior cleaner if you desire zero shine. Contains a UV guard so you can be confident you are offering proper cleaning and protection.

Leather Conditioner.jpg

Leather Conditioner

Replenish your leather with a product that will truly soften and condition it. Leather Conditioner is fortified with real lanolin and bees wax. These are the absolute best ingredients to properly condition and extend the life of your leather. Just a few treatments a year can add years of health to your seats. If you neglect your leather, it’s more likely to fade, stain, and develop cracks. Like any other part of your vehicle, your leather needs to be properly taken care of or it will begin to show signs of wear and fatigue. Leather Conditioner makes it easy to keep your seats looking and feeling new. Fall in love with your leather all over again!

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Shine Bottle W/ Sprayer

32oz. Shine Supply screen printed bottle with chemical resistant sprayer. Dilution ratio tabs and ounce measurement tabs displayed on the bottle for accurate product mixing. These bottles have a thick sidewall and are extremely durable. Excellent bottles perfect for any products that can be diluted like Decked Out, Wise Guy, Bug Off, and Eco Shine. 

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