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New Car Protection | Dynamic Detailing | Bend Oregon | Ceramic Coating

NEW Car Protection

You just purchased (or you're still awaiting delivery of) your brand new car. There's absolutely no time better to get a jump start on making sure it stays in like new condition since it comes standard without any protection from the dealer; make sure that the paint is protected from our harsh Central Oregon elements. Ceramic Coatings are highly recommended, but even a high quality paint sealant or our new silica infused wax does wonders on helping keep the paint in great shape. (This package contains very little paint correction and is recommended for cars that are literally brand new and preferably haven't even been touched by the dealer; if any reasonable correction is needed/desired, our Stage 2 Detail may be a better option).

Time needed: 3+ hours

Price: Starts at $150 for standard sedans and increases with size

Included Services

  • Detailed exterior wash of the vehicle 
    • 3-bucket wash and rinse or rinseless wash
  • Fully clean wheels, tires and wheel wells 
  • Dry using blowers and/or dedicated microfiber towels
  • Lightly clay all painted surfaces to remove any bonded contaminants
  • Simple 1-step polish of all painted surfaces
  • Choose your level of protection:
  • Clean windows
  • Quick interior vacuum
  • Apply tire conditioner