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Ceramic Coatings | Gtechniq | Crystal Serum | Bend Oregon

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Honestly, this is the best product I’ve had the opportunity to put on a car; no way I’d go back to traditional waxes and sealants on my own vehicles! It seriously blows me out of the water every time I have the opportunity to put it on a car. Simply an amazing product!

It doesn’t take much to destroy your vehicle’s paintwork; UV sunlight, cinder dust, magnesium chloride (winter de-icer), road salt, tree sap, rail dust, and harsh air particles will slowly but surely remove the glossy shine from your car and eat their way into the layers of paint. Waxes and sealants help to block out these harmful elements, but they only do so much and usually last weeks or months; enter ceramic coatings - specifically Gtechniq Smart Surface Coatings.

Combining the power of nanotechology with the heat-resistant and oxidation-resistant properties of ceramic, your vehicle can now be protected from these harsh elements for years instead of months and look amazing in the process! Washing and maintaining your car is also a breeze after it's been treated with a ceramic coating - my personal favorite benefit of ceramic coatings.

Nano-composite ceramic coatings like those that I offer from Gtechniq provide added safeguards against corrosion and are much more scratch resistant than traditional waxes and sealants. After fully curing, Gtechniq coatings create an ultra hydrophobic, extremely slick, high-gloss, very durable, chemically bonded layer of optically clear ceramic - in short-terms, amazing protection, amazing looks, and amazingly easy maintenance!!

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Chevy Holden | Ceramic Coatings | Gtechniq | Bend Oregon

ALL PRICES LISTED BELOW ARE FOR THE CERAMIC COATING SERVICES ONLY and must be paired with a minimum of the Stage 1 Detail (the Stage 2 or 3 Details are highly recommended on non-new cars) to properly prep the vehicle for the coating procedure and ensure the best possible bonding and durability. Due to the lengthy process and cure times, all coating jobs need to be kept at least overnight and and The Ultimate package usually needs to be kept two nights. 

**All Ceramic Coatings also come with a maintenance care package valued at over $100 that includes buckets, wash mitts, ceramic coating specific car soap, a ceramic coating enhancer and various premium microfiber towels to ensure that you have what’s needed to properly care for this investment in your car.

The Ultimate

Starts at $1300 for a standard sedan

For those that don't want to have to worry about what to add on and what to leave unprotected, this protection package takes care of it all. Every square inch of the exterior of your vehicle is left with at least one layer of Gtechniq ceramic coating. It starts with our Crystal Serum Ultra topped with Exo (CSU Black) on all painted surfaces, headlights and taillights and exhaust tips; all wheels get a healthy dose of C5 Wheel Armour, all windows are protected with G1 Smart Glass (3 coats on the windshield) and any trim gets C4 Trim Restorer and Protection. If you want it all, you've found it. 

Crystal serum Ultra

Starts at $800 for a standard sedan

Short version: It’s seriously the best product I have ever put on a vehicle, and its my first choice in protection for my own vehicle.

Longer version: It’s simply like no other product, Crystal Serum Ultra provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance. Its composite structure offers the ultimate in ceramic protection plus the same slick finish and candy like gloss as the very best carnauba waxes. The hard 10h top and softer 7h base layer offer improved swirl resistance over regular 10h coatings. Compared to standard ceramic coatings, Crystal Serum Ultra forms a relatively thick combined film which greatly reduces surface hazing and improves gloss. Resistant to chemicals from ph2 to ph13, so when you clean your car, even the harshest wash chemicals will not dull your gloss (although they are barely needed as any dirt comes off so much easier). And on top of that, contaminants like bird droppings and tree sap are much easier to remove. An absolute game changer for protection on your vehicle; if proper wash methods and maintenance are practiced, the coating will most likely last longer than you’ll own the car.

EXO Ceramic Coating

Starts at $350 for a standard sedan

If you're wanting to test the waters of the ceramic coating world, but not quite ready jump in all the way, EXO by Gtechniq is an amazing option and just might be the perfect opportunity. The hydrophobic properties (how well it beads water) are absolutely phenomenal while providing excellent protection - far better than any wax or sealant. If washed using proper methods (i.e. no drive-thru car washes, proper kinds of soaps) then you should be able to see up to two years of longevity out of it.  

C5 Wheel Armour

Starts at $150+

Wheel Armour chemically bonds to your wheels creating an extremely durable coat of protection that effectively repels brake dust and makes keeping your wheels clean much easier. Prices vary based on the size and complexity of the wheel design. Basic designs are $150 to prep and apply the coating to all four wheel faces; more intricate designs and over-sized wheels may range up to $200. For inner barrels along with faces, an extra $100+. Lasts roughly two years.

G1 Smart Glass

$75 for the windshield (3 coats)

Price varies for extra windows depending on size and quantity

Protecting and keeping your windshield in as close to "like-new" condition may be one of the most important aspects of car maintenance as improved visibility always makes for safer driving. This glass-specific coating forms a bond with your windshield or other glass surfaces that is extremely hydrophobic (water beads up very easily) allowing water to fly off at speeds as low as 30 mph. It is extremely durable and lasts at least a year, often more and needs no additional maintenance. $75 to clean and apply to one windshield (3 coats), if other windows or sunroofs are desired, prices are based off of the number and size of the windows. 

C4 Trim Restorer

Price varies based on the amount of trim

C4 utilizes a covalent or chemical bond to become an extension of the plastic molecule it's protecting; it swaps part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of your car's trim. What this means is that you now have a protective coating of unparalleled durability. C4 is an exceptionally thin, optically clear film which means that it does not add an unattractive gloss film to the surface; instead it restores all but the most faded trim to an as new condition.  You can expect 18-24 months of durability from a single application.

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