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Detail Packages | Bend, Oregon | Auto Detailing

From entry level to multi-day projects, each car that I work on is meticulously cared for and treated like one of my own; with each detail, my goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver first-class results every time. Below are a few popular packages that appeal to most people, but if you don't see exactly what you want, I'm more than happy to customize any package to meet your exact needs. Since all cars are different, please contact me for a personalized quote for your car; click on the links on the right for a complete breakdown of everything included in each detail.

From standard level complete details to multi-day correction and coating projects, each car that I work on is meticulously cared for and treated like one of my own. With each detail, my goal at Dynamic Detailing is to exceed your expectations and deliver first-class results every time.

Every detail starts with an in-depth thorough Exterior cleaning; This process includes:

-A full tire/wheel/wheel well cleaning and detailing

-An in-depth decontamination wash of the vehicle removing bugs, tar, sap and any other loose dirt

-Thorough clay bar treatment to remove all bonded contamination

-All door jambs cleaned

-Safely dried using blowers and soft microfiber towels

***Once this thorough cleaning is complete, you get to choose the level of detailing and protection that is necessary and wanted for your vehicle.

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Stage 1 Detail - Starts at $250

Includes an extensive single-step correction polish that improves many surface defects like swirl marks, etching, paint transfer, and oxidation roughly 60-80% while greatly improving gloss, depth, and clarity in the paint leaving it with a rich, deep finish.

Stage 2 Detail - Starts at $500

This package includes a two-step correction; first doing a heavy compounding followed by a refining polish; drastically improves the final outcome and usually 90-95% correction is achieved.

Stage 3 Detail - In person Quote required

A Stage 3 Detail will get the paint to as perfect condition as safely possible. The final 5-10% correction does take a lot more time and is more in-depth; an in-person consultation is required.

Finishing the detail is just important as starting it. Once the vehicle is properly cleaned and polished, it’s important to protect and preserve the surfaces. Every option includes:

-A high quality paint sealant designed to last roughly 6 months

***Upgrade this sealant in any package detail to a longer lasting, more durable Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

-All interior and exterior windows are cleaned

-All wheels are protected with a ~3 month silica-based sealant

-All plastic trim and tires are conditioned with dedicated high-quality products

Your car leaves the shop feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and protected - just the way it should.

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Interior Detailing

Since all cars are different sizes and interior conditions can vary drastically - anywhere from no interior detailing to very extensive interior detailing, this service is simply added on to any of the above packages if desired.

Prices for interior detailing start at $100 and can include a wide array of services from interior surface protection, in-depth cleaning of all surfaces, leather conditioning, interior steam cleaning, stain removal, odor removal, and various other services.

Just let us know what you’re interested in having done, and we can work up a plan for your desired needs.

For a specific quote for your vehicle, please call or email us and we can discuss what might be the best fit for your vehicle and come up with a customized quote.

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