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Bend's Premier Auto Detailing Service - Combining a passion for detailing with a dedication to thrilling customers. 

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My extreme passion and dedication for detailing is at the center of everything at Dynamic Detailing. Anything from a comprehensive full paint correction to intensive interior detailing is possible, but I specialize in helping you protect, maintain, and preserve every surface of your vehicle. Whether you drop it off at the shop or utilize the mobile service, your car will be cared for and treated with the highest standards - the same way every other car I've worked on has been for over ten years - as if it were one of my own.

Bend's Premier Auto Detailing Service!

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Thanks for visiting my site! I'm Jarred (the owner and sole operator), and I'm passionate about the appearance of your vehicle and your experience getting it detailed. I specialize in exterior auto detailing and helping you protect, maintain, and preserve every surface of your vehicle while using top of the line Shine Supply and Gtechniq products. An extreme passion and dedication for detailing combined with superior customer service is at the core of Dynamic Detailing; when your car leaves my shop, I'm confident it will look amazing - whether its getting a comprehensive full paint correction and ceramic coating or simply a solid polish and protection.  You can rest assured that your car will be cared for and treated with the highest standards - the same way every other car I've worked on over the last 12+ years has - as if it were one of my own.

Check out the site for more information, but to see a full updated portfolio of cars I’ve worked on, check out my work on Instagram or Facebook and follow along to see what happens in the future. If you’ve got questions, simply contact me through your preferred medium - I seriously love just answering questions and helping you out if that's all you need right now.



Getting your car periodically detailed serves many purposes; most importantly it protects one of your largest purchases and makes keeping it clean and looking great much easier. Through proper paint protection, maintenance, and education, my goal is to help you preserve your financial investment. See the three main types of detailing listed below that I specialize in, or check out my Detail Packages page for different pricing and package options.

  1. New Car Protection is the best way to ensure that your vehicle is kept in pristine condition and that you retain maximum value in the vehicle. Coating your vehicle with one of our premium Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings protects it from those intense Central Oregon UV rays, cinder dust, winter de-icers, road grime, and light scratching. A huge benefit is the ease of keeping it clean and looking its best after the coating has been applied too! Excellent on new cars, but also very effective on lightly used cars or ones that have undergone extensive paint polishing or full corrections.

  2. Regular auto detailing of a daily driven vehicle helps to keep surfaces clean, protected, nourished, and the way that they were meant to be. It makes the car easier to clean in-between details and keeps surfaces like paint, trim, leather, and carpet lasting longer, thus retaining more of the vehicle's value.

  3. Show car detailing is beneficial for anyone putting their car in a show or before "show season." This is also great if that special "garage queen" needs to be kept spotless (or brought back up to spotless). Lock in these results long-term with a ceramic coating application too. These types of details are where perfection and precision are exceptionally important.


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Dynamic Detailing has over 10 years of experience detailing vehicles of all types. Take a few minutes to look around the site, or contact us to ask a question or to book an appointment today.